EmsLyonspurr  - Carefully Chosen, Pampered and Loved
 Elitebengals California Kid
      Grandson of the world famous show king I W S G C Millwood’s Dreamland Ischron, The son of R W S G C Decospots Surefire of Elitebengals. G R C Millwood French Lace, and Millwood Amulet. QGC Gogee’s Dynamo Glow.
 We love his fantastic personality.
 CH. MetastarLuminosityofEmLyonsPurr 
     We just recently purchased "Ozzy" and are so happy to get him. He has won several championship titles. He's a very big boy that's laid back and gentle. He comes from champion Millwood and Windstorm bloodlines.
 WSHF Jade of EmsLyonsPurr
    Jade is a very large queen with dark golden color with huge black rosettes. She is from Champion Kingsmark lineage and produced outstanding kittens with striking markings and her very sweet disposition. She is now retired and enjoying the good life.
Majickalkatz Bree Fuzzylove
   Bree is our shy one. She is a silver black spotted queen with Champion Millwood and Champion Bailiwick lineage. She produces some of nicest "White Tiger" kittens that I have ever seen.
Queen Sasha Goldheat  
    Sasha is a large golden queen with black arrow markings and Champion Kingsmark lineage. She consistantly produces some of the prettiest kittens with the nicest temperments for us. She is a real lover that loves to talk to you and she  passes these traits to her kittens.              
EmsLyonsPurr Bella of the Ball
    Bella is the offspring of California Kid and Jade. She is a real sweetheart and inherited all of Kid's and Jade's personality and looks. She's placed 3rd in a TICA show. She will be having a litter ready by summer and we are really looking forward to them.
      Reecey's sire was Champion Snowpride Wurthwhile of Aluren and her kittens are so pretty and show her great bloodlines. She's so sweet and loves to play with  the other cats and kittens, but hates to have her picture taken....